Quality Food is Our Business

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Message from the Managing Director

Firstly, thank you for your interest and concern in Woo Joo Food Company. I started Woo Joo Food in 1997 with just one staff and from a humble single food trading company, we have grown and evolved to become a conglomerate of companies involved in food manufacturing, trading, retail and restaurant services. The struggles of our early days as well as the hard work and tenacity we had to adopt, would not have availed much if it were not for the assistance and care of friends from the community, encouragement from peers within the industry and most importantly, patronage and trust from clients.

For that, I sincerely express our gratitude to you on behalf of the company.

Our company advocates humane management methods whereby the company is like a big family with the management playing the role of parents, taking care the needs of individual employees. For employees, this company is a place where they can achieve self-respect and value, a stage where they can realize their full potential and their ideals.

Success and failure is in the details! This is the slogan for all employees. Careful inspection and audit of products, attentive customer service, proper handling and attention to individual matters are all reasons why we have lasted and thrived in this competitive market.

A history of 17 years is about a snap of the fingers. The future ahead is still long but we will only have one mission — To provide our customers with the best and healthiest food option!

Managing Director
Mdm Linda Zhao


Company Introduction

Woo_joo_buildingWoo Joo Food Sdn Bhd started operation in 1997, establishing its office in Kolombong. The Company started with the aim of filling a niche in the market which it believed to be lacking, for example wholesale and retail of exotic food products including Japanese, Western, Korean, Chinese as well as selected local produce.

Woo Joo currently supply seafood products, including fresh and smoked salmon, imported and local meats, various cold cuts, cheeses, spices as well as pastries not only to local hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Kota Kinabalu but also to other parts of Sabah, Sarawak and also Brunei.

We pride ourselves for being pro-active and love the challenge of fulfilling our customers’ needs, so if there is anything that you’re unable to source in the local market, we will strive to supply it for you (within the law).